BBQ and Visit from Griffin Celebrate the End of the Read for Shore Program At Saint Martin’s House

The Mid-Shore Reading Council project that began in January of this year came to a wonderful and fun-filled end on June 14 in the backyard of Saint Martin’s House.  Two new ‘traditions’ combined  resulting in  this month’s house dinner and the final Read for Shore program turning into a BBQ for the teachers who volunteered in Read for Shore and the board members, staff and Saint Martin’s House families who have been sharing a monthly dinner since last year.

A new grill was generously donated by Board Vice Chair Margie Palazzola’s son Mark Callahan. Jim Anderson and Dick Palazzola can be seen flipping the burgers and turning the hot dogs.  Krystal,  winner of the May house cooking contest contributed her prize winning casserole and teachers and residents brought all of the important picnic foods, deviled eggs, cupcakes, baked beans, macaroni salad and burger fixings.

While the burgers and dogs were cooking all of the children had time to play in the sand and chase bubbles, as the Read for Shore teachers set the stage for the big event of the picnic. Griffin Goes to the Beach was the book selected for this final reading event.

Saint Martin’s House children, there are  9 in residence all under the age of four, settled onto the beach blanket and practiced If You’re happy and You Know It ,The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

As the children were singing two new characters joined the group, Emily Elizabeth and her famous big red dog Griffin.  The magical appearance of these famous storybook characters took the children by surprise, but they son settled in and listened happily to Griffin’s adventures as read to them by Emily Elizabeth.

See the Caroline County Times Record article to learn how the program started and the reactions of the teachers who volunteered at Saint Martin’s House the past six months.


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