2016 Authors’ Luncheon

A cold call, current news and a video preview….

Just a few brief items to tell you a little about this year’s authors.

In the Development office we sometimes make cold calls, but we very seldom get them! A lady, unknown to Saint Martin’s, who heard Sarah Kaufman speak at the Crofton library enjoyed Sarah’s talk so much she wanted to hear her again.

Looking on Sarah’s web site she found that the next Maryland location where Sarah will be speaking is our luncheon! She called the Development Office asking whether it was a private event. We were happy to send this new friend an invitation and glad to know that Sarah’s messaged resonated so much.

Not sure about Chasing Gideon? Check your favorite news source for an update on what’s happening In Orleans County, Louisiana. The Supreme Court case may have been in 1963, but lack of public defenders is an on-going story. Here’s a good link for some background.

Childhood Disrupted is described as the first book that explains the new unified science of human development in clear language for people who aren’t scientists or medical professionals. Donna Jackson Nakawaza did a reading in Annapolis in Auguust 2015. You can learn about her book by watching this quick You Tube video.

Donna is going to talk about ACEs, Adverse Childhood Events, a tool that helps us relate trauma and toxic stress to behavior and health. This is an important topic for our work at Saint Martin’s House. We think you will appreciate this look into the lives of people who could have been SMH clients.

Tickets are $90. Please click here to see the invitation and RSVP. For additional information please call Deborah Hudson Vornbrock at 410.634.2537 x 102 or by email at devdirector [at] stmartinsministries [dot] org

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