A New Look for Thrift Store Check-out

There’s a bright new check-out counter at Saint Martin’s Barn thrift store!

Many thanks to Steve Hovland and his business partner Bob Thomas who donated their time and skills to construct the handsome and spacious counter.  Bob, Steve, and Gina Hovland are pictured in the first attempt to bring the new counter into the Barn.  The main doorway proved to be a little too narrow and the shrubs at the door restricted the ability to turn the counter.

New Sales CounterOur Barn has many doors and the team was able to bring in the base and counter top via another entrance (well, they also had to take off the screen door, interior door and doorframe trim).  Bob and Steve’s professional skills were apparent as they calmly talked about options and Steve’s refusal to cut the base in half.

The new counter provides space for two cash registers, a change that will reduce the long lines on Wednesday evenings.  The cash registers are also an improvement in the Thrift store.  Prices are programmed into the registers and voucher sales are also entered.  This has reduced the work effort at check-out and increased the accuracy of the sales and voucher records.

Ashley Blaine, our intern from Minnesota, served as the cash register guru. Ashley worked with Odette Boyce-Galvez, Barn Manager, to streamline the price lists, program the price codes and conducted all the training.  We will miss Ashley’s quiet competence when she returns to Minnesota later this month.  Olga Hernandez, our main cashier is very happy she no longer needs to record the voucher sales manually.

Olga, Odette and Ashley are pictured smiling happily about the new counter and the Thrift shop’s new look.Olga, Odette and Ashley

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