Was In The Dark Now In The Light

Amber came to Saint Martin’s House in May after a successful experience in a rehabilitation program. She attends AA Meetings at least 3 times a week and is doing very well. She won first prize and a $25 gift certificate for this essay in a contest sponsored by Caroline county Counseling Center. Congratulations, Amber!

At age of thirteen I took my first drink and my use of drug to me it was love at first use and swallow. I am now twenty and it took me this long to realize that it was ruining my life and destroying all things around it. I got in treatment by breaking the law and it was probably the best things that ever happen to me. The first time I went to treatment I was doing it for everyone else but my self and that failed the second time I went into treatment a light turned on for me and I was just fed up with the person I became and the life that came with it. After I got out of treatment I relapsed a week later and all most died I blew a 3.12 and had to get rushed to the hospital and that’s when I surrendered me , my life and my soul to recovery. Now I have 106 days clean and I am so happy and grateful for the chance to redeem my life and well being. Now I have job interviews my health is better and I just act like the old me again and I couldn’t be happier. Of course life is tough but that’s not an excuse to use, i am dealing with life on life’s terms. I just want to say if your still in the darkness of addiction please find the light to recovery it’s a beautiful gift.

Thank You

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