How are we keeping up with the demand?

In the past seven months Saint Martin’s Ministries has distributed food to an average of 317 families each month, a 14% increase over the last FY average of 278 families per month.

How are we keeping up with the demand?

A sixth-grade class at Lockerman Middle School recently collected and donated more than 50 jars of peanut butter to a local food pantry.

From the Caroline County Times-Record:
Daniel Kotyk said his first-period language arts class was inspired by a tip from its Character Counts! coach, Caroline County Commissioner Jeff Ghrist, that food pantries need peanut butter because it is a good source of protein, a nutrient often lacking in other commonly donated food items.  Continue reading →

So, why did Mr. Koytk’s language arts students collect peanut butter? There are several reasons. Peanut butter is something that a family can almost always use – on toast for a quick breakfast, at lunch in a PBJ or if food is not plentiful, that toast or sandwich may need to be dinner.  TEFAP distributions don’t often include peanut butter.  Peanut butter is expensive, about $3 a jar.

By collecting a single food item the students had fun and learned something about packaging. In order to determine whether the boys or the girls collected more peanut butter they had to look at each jar carefully and add up the ounces, not the number of jars. But even more importantly, by donating a single item in quantity we are able to add it to the food box for a large number of families. One of a kind donations are difficult to incorporate into a program where we pack 50 boxes at a time.

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